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An inversion table helps an individual to be conveniently upside-down as a part of inversion therapy. At some point in life, nearly everyone will encounter back pain. As such, inversion therapy has become a primary source of treatment for back pain. Since there are several models and brands of inversion table available in the market today, most people have a hard time selecting the best one. When it comes to choosing the best inversion table, however, someone should consider the following 5 factors.

1. Safety Features

The best inversion table should provide secure support for feet and ankles without squeezing too tightly. When an individual is operating the table, he or she should feel supported and safe. At the beginning of the inversion therapy, there might be some spinal discomfort though it should quickly subside as the body adapts to the treatment. Besides, it is a priority to stay safe while inverting. However, for that reason, one should consider an inversion table with great safety features.

2. Durability

Durability is a major factor that people should consider when it comes to choosing the best inversion table. Notably, this product is a long-term investment in the area of health. Besides, who does not want it to last for long? However, people should take care when choosing the product so that they can note whether the manufacturer provides a warranty. A durable and well-made inversion table comes with a guarantee that ensures quality as well as durability during its lifetime.

3. Reviews

Today, ordering products online have become more convenient and practical than going to the store. The worst thing here is that items sold through online are not tested before purchasing. As such, it is important to take some time and read reviews of the top inversion tables. It is also advisable to find out the pros and cons of each item before making a decision on which to buy. Moreover, searching for videos on Google can help one understand how the product functions.

4. Convenience and Comfort

These factors are crucial when choosing the best inversion table. The product should not be complicated or bulky to assemble. It should also fold away quickly for convenient hideaway storage until the next use. On the other hand, this item should have some head support to provide enough comfort to the user.

5. Frame and Capacity

To get the best inversion table, people should consider the one with a frame made from metal. Although there are some made of plastic frames, the best is one that comes with a quality metal frame to support and enhance the confidence of the user. On the other hand, it is advisable to consider the weight capacity of the table. The best product should have enough capacity that can hold someone’s body weight.

Considering these five factors discussed above, anyone can be in a good position of choosing the best inversion table that will suit his or her needs as well as the budget. Additionally, it is crucial to browse the market in the first place before making a final decision.